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Locations and Facilities

Nicaragua Simplemente Madera Facilites

Our furniture is made both in our own workshops in the Catkills region of New York and in the facilities of Simplemente Madera Group® in Nicaragua. Our workshops in the Catskills combine the metal and glass used in our furniture with the wood components made by Simplemente Madera to create our furniture collection. These facilities have state of the art equipment and combine the most modern manufacturing process technologies with traditional hand craftsmanship and finishing techniques. In building our furniture, we pride ourselves on using eco-friendly materials and our ability to maximize material yield, minimize waste, and efficiently use energy and other resources. We continually work to improve our manufacturing process and minimize our carbon footprint. We share our manufacturing facilities, atelier and workshops with JOHNHOUSHMAND, whose limited edition and custom-made urban organic furniture inspires the JH2 OneTreeHome collection. JH2 OneTreeHome has offices and showrooms in the Soho are of New York City and at The Pacific Design Center. We welcome you to visit! Simplemente Madera Group® is the largest, most modern and well-equipped hardwood timber-growing, logging, processing and product manufacturing business in Central America. With facilities in Managua, Nicaragua and timber extraction and sawmill operations in the northeastern region of Nicaragua.