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Nicaragua Forest Hardwood Salvaged wood Hurricane Felix

Our furniture is exquisitely designed and, in addition, it is made from some of the most beautiful solid hardwoods available worldwide.

We have selected Nanciton and Cedro Macho found in Nicaragua as the primary wood species for our furniture. Each of these species has a timeless look and an incredible range of density, visual character and colors that are unique. Their hardness, durability and other characteristics make them ideal choices for our collection.

The key to the line is also the philosophy behind the Company as a whole: to provide an aesthetically unique piece of furniture, which proudly displays the intricacies and underlying individuality of wood and other luxe materials, at a price that has not been previously available.

Timber used in our furniture comes from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Certified Controlled Wood timberlands in the northeastern part of Nicaragua that were acquired with Nicaraguan government encouragement and support after Hurricane Felix knocked down millions of trees in the region. Wood used in our furniture also comes from trees in the region that are harvested in collaboration with the Awastigni and Yatema indigenous communities and from Rainforest Alliance Smartwood® Program-certified plantations located in three climatically diverse areas of Nicaragua.